Drip Irrigation systems and Different methods for Watering Your Garden

In the field of agriculture, water is of great importance because no plantation can live without it. For keeping the garden vegetation’s and plants to grow gradually, right sort of water supply and irrigation method has to be adopted. There is a variety of drip irrigation systems developed for the watering task.

It is always preferred to have irrigation systems made that use as little water as possible. It is not simply because water is precious and that cannot be wasted, but because the right amount of water supply only benefits the plantation. Too much watering can harm them and little watering also can offer malnutrition.

Normally, the common one is flood irrigation which is somewhat old and out-of-date watering method that offers irregular irrigation supply. On the contrary, the modern systems and techniques are developed for your watering purpose. Some of them are sprinkler systems and the most recommended drip irrigation systems.

With sprinkler systems, you can water your plants and garden vegetation from the top through hose. But this sprinkling method has some disadvantages. By spraying water, some amount of water gets evaporated in the air. Moreover, the water being sprayed wets the soil and does not necessarily go to the root level.

Drip irrigation system, compared to sprinklers is more beneficial. The method of drip irrigation involves uniform watering which directly goes to the root level without making water evaporated in the air and also maintains the moisture level in the soil which is quite important for the growth of the garden plants and other vegetation.

Now lets think about how drip irrigation system or method came into existence and became so popular. Previously, in the past, people used clay pots as watering device. There were little holes in the pots and water came dripping slowly and steadily on the plants.

It was in 1866 in Afghanistan, where some researchers experimented with clay pipes and made irrigation and drainage systems. Later on this irrigation method took fine shape and drip irrigation method was developed.

But the fine and perfect concept of drip irrigation method was developed in 1959 by Simcha Blass in Israel. With Kibbutz Hatzerim, very first time he made surface drip irrigation emitters.

Drip irrigation is sometimes refereed to as trickle or micro irrigation. Some spell it as drip irragation. This irrigation system consists of pipes, tubing, and emitters. You can make your system on the surface or beneath the soil. There are varieties o drip irrigation supplies such as drip emitters, tubing and pipes, soaker hose, hose connectors, pressure regulator, valve, filter, timers, etc. available in the market to making your system.

If you really feel that drip irrigation can suit your irrigation task for your garden plants, then get it installed in your garden. Buy polyethylene tubing/hose so that you can prepare the main lines. Then, using connectors, you can join the lines.

You need to install pressure regulator to offer the water required force. And also install filter to prevent remnants that may smother the way of your water. You have to install emitters to distribute water to your plants. Lastly, fix timers to facilitate putting your system so that you can on and off easily.

Surface level drip irrigation is most often recommended. It is so, because, the system on the surface can be carried or shifted to where your garden plants are. In future, if you happen to make your garden bigger, you can shift or move your hoses easily to reach your new plants.

Therefore, which irrigation method you use depends on the watering requirements of your plant types. Make wise choice of the watering method and make your garden healthy and ever green!


One response to “Drip Irrigation systems and Different methods for Watering Your Garden

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